Our Mumbai office comprises of Media and Entertainment lawyers as well as experts in Intellectual Property Laws and Maritime laws. Our media clients include prominent film stars, musicians, artists, writers and film production companies and Television Channels. The Indian entertainment industry has made unprecedented progress in the past two decades ranging from new boulevards of content commercialization, to sophistication in licensing content. In today’s digital and information age. It is manifest and acknowledged that content owner is supreme. While a overabundance of business opportunities are available to content owners and creators, capitalizing on the said opportunities requires an insight into entertainment business, expertise in copyright and several other laws, knowledge of modern technology and awareness of transactions in the industry. Having worked with some of the leading production houses, television channels and writers/artists, associations of writers and artists, our team of experienced media and entertainment lawyers with interdisciplinary expertise, offer business driven entertainment law services to clients. From rights acquisition to licensing and merchandising, our team has worked on numerous transactions and provides information rich and perceptive advice to clients. Over the years, our team has successfully managed and resolved copyright disputes, license violations, domain name disputes and so on, and has helped clients make commercially beneficial decisions. Our entertainment law attorneys specialize in helping clients open new avenues of business and revenue generation through licensing, online gaming ventures, digitized set-up planning and e-commerce ventures.