We handle various family law matters including inheritance, estate planning as well as divorce and maintenance. This department has handled family related matters for a substantial inventory of NRIs and expatriates. Drafting of Wills for all communities is our expertise.

We also secure Enforcement of Judgments and Orders of Foreign Courts in India arising in Family and Matrimonial Matters in Overseas Jurisdictions. With the ever increasing multifold population of Indians migrating and settling in overseas jurisdictions, the association with their home country does not disband Family ties, connections of property and moveable assets, and numerous other continuing connections with India, often lead to traverse border litigation in human relationship matters. Circumstances proliferate, when a non-resident Indian invokes the jurisdiction of the foreign Court where he is resident and convinces the overseas Court to pass positive Orders, which are subsequently sought to be executed through the Courts of law in India.

The Indian Family law is concerned with the personal laws of different religions. Family matters such as marriage, adoption, guardianship, divorce, maintenance, partition, succession, inheritance etc are governed by personal laws of each religion. Family Law embraces all the age groups e.g. minors for Adoption and Child Custody, majors for Marriage, Divorce, Alimony/Maintenance and so on. Family Law also defines Succession in terms of Will and Inheritance. The basic need of family law is to deal with the disputes in such a manner that the rights to perform certain actions under this law are enjoyed by the persons with little or no stress. The uniqueness of Family Law in India is its relation to the consideration of various customs and traditions along with the plethora of legal remedies and rights provided to people of different religions that are practised in our country.