Our lawyers have significant and relevant experience and expertise in providing support to both customers and suppliers for outsourcing and offshoring projects. The Firm’s advocates counsel clients not only on the basis of scientific legal benchmarks but also take into account the Firm’s considerable knowledge of the industry and its superlative practices. Given that, the clients not only benefit from our legal proficiency but also from our perceptiveness of commercial and other market-related problems that in any demeanor have an effect on the business interests of the client. Our lawyers provide extraordinary insight into the complexities of the competitive and regulatory environment in which telecom companies operate. KIM & CO.'s legal professionals have expertise in all aspects of outsourcing and offshoring, including IT and infrastructure, BPO, customer contracts, supply chain management, engineering, facilities management, real estate and vehicle fleet management outsourcings. Our lawyers are well versed with all forms of outsourcing transactions, services agreements, software licensing agreements and product licensing agreements. It is equally important to note that the Firm provides pragmatic legal advice throughout the full life cycle of technology contracts, and not just at the initiation stage. The Firm’s list of clients range from new entrants and present telecommunications operators to regulators, equipment suppliers, service providers to information technology companies aligned with telecommunication giants.